Participation of CAREH in the National Parade on May 20, 2008.

Since 2001, CAREH action-oriented research activities have been conducted nationwide in Cameroon, especially in the East, West, Northwest, Far North, Littoral and Centre regions. The following pictures depict some activities of CAREH at different stages of their design, implementation and evaluation. On 31 December 2011, CAREH had more than 900 peer educators aged 10 and over from different socio- economic groups of the Cameroonian society. The first 200 CAREH peer educators were trained in December 2001 by professor Barthélemy Kuate Defo (full tenured professor of population health [Department of demography] and of global public health [Department of Social and Preventive Medicine] at the school of Public Health of the University of Montreal and President of CAREH), professors Robert Leke and Lazare Kaptue (Faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences of the University of Yaoundé I) and Dr. Nathalie Lydié (associate Director for scientific Affairs at the National Institute of Prevention and Health Education (INPES) in Paris, France). After two days of refreshing training in 2002, youth peer educators took part in the graduation ceremony organized by CAREH.

Professors Barthélemy Kuate Defo, Robert Leke and Lazare Kaptue and the health personnel of a health facility: these eminent professors toured health facilities and community structures in order to assess the extent to which the health system in Cameroon was ready to face public health challenges in the era of HIV/AIDS in the population in general and among adolescents and youth in particular.

 These women are listening carefully to an interactive health education session in their community, similar to sessions that CAREH conducts regularly in community, educational and professional settings in various localities across Cameroon. 

Leaders, peer educators and youth in the community take a photo at the end of one of the days of meeting and exchange of information on CAREH activities in school and community environments. A relaxed and happy atmosphere conducive to work with responsibility, respect and sense of duty is characteristic of CAREH.

It is customary for CAREH to present its activity report to the people of Cameroon as well as to local, regional, national and international authorities and representatives of international organizations and institutions based in Cameroon. The High Commissioner of Canada to Cameroon is one of the guests of CAREH to each presentation ceremony of its activity report. Here, the High Commissioner of Canada, at the end of one of these ceremonies, is pictured surrounded by the traditional authorities of the West Cameroon region and the Representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Rector of the University of Dschang.

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